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Administrative Procedures
  Link   1.1pdf format
Employee Mobility 7-1-90
  Link   1.1bpdf format
Health Promotion/Health Education Procedures 2-21-90
  Link   1.2pdf format
Harassment Prohibited 4-7-88
  Link   4pdf format
Establishment of Administrative Procedures 3-29-04
  Link   4.4pdf format
Special Expenses 12-03-13
  Link   5.4pdf format
Time Off In Emergencies 2-1-01
  Link   6pdf format
Bargaining Unit Changes 10-01-98
  Link   6.3pdf format
Supplemental Labor Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding 3-29-82
  Link   6.5pdf format
Labor Agreement Grievance Handling 3-29-82
  Link   6.8pdf format
Unfair Labor Practices-Investigation and Settlement 3-29-83
  Link   7pdf format
Maintenance of the Classification Plan 12-6-82
  Link   8pdf format
Designation of Unclassified Positions & Establishment of Salary Rates and Ranges for Such Positions 12-6-82
  Link   8.1pdf format
Student Worker Appointments 4-2-03
  Link   9apdf format
Recruitment 4-28-05
  Link   9bpdf format
Employee Notice of Vacancy Announcements 04-19-10
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