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The Active Requisition List

List of open requisitions/postings
List of open RTA's
List of open requisitions/postings by bargaining unit

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Active Requisition list is a list of classified job vacancies at state agencies which have offices throughout the state of Minnesota. It includes information about the job’s classification, agency location and employment condition.

There are two formats of the list of vacancies available. In the “List of Active Requisitions by Bargaining Unit,” requisitions are sorted by contact or plan, then in descending order of maximum hourly salary of class and compensation code, and finally alphabetically by class title. The format of “Open Requisitions in Alpha Order” is vacancies by alphabetical order only.

Most state agencies have on-line access to the "List of Active Requisitions by Bargaining Unit" and a list entitled “Open Requisitions in Alpha Order.” These lists are available here and the MMB extranet.

The Active Requisition List is most commonly used by state employees seeking transfers. Employees who have received layoff notification also review these lists in search of positions they can “claim” to avoid layoff. See your bargaining unit agreement for more information on claiming.

Seldom does a single look at an active requisition list lead to a single new job. State employees who review the list regularly develop a knack for how to use it to their advantage. Regular review of the active requisition list can provide job trend information about which classifications, agencies and locations have the most hiring activity. This information can be helpful in planning a career change, a career development strategy or a relocation.

Class specifications exist for over 1,300 job classifications. Each class specification is a general description of the kind of work performed by employees in that classification. The class specifications’ web page, located at: http://www.mmb.state.mn.us/staff-hr/class-specs has individual class specifications.

Yes, when they were originally requested each one was vacant, but some vacancies fill very quickly. You will not know whether the vacancy is available until the agency is called and asked.

Yes, if you are a permanent and probationary, classified employee and the vacancy is a transfer or demotion from your current class. Your HR staff can help you determine your eligibility for various transfer opportunities.

Maybe. Ask your HR staff if they are available to phone the hiring agency or would like you to call, if you call, simply ask for the status of the vacancy. Some vacancies may have been filled since the list was published or the agency may be in the middle of doing interviews. Occasionally agencies put a vacancy “on hold” or decide against filling it.

If the vacancy is available, ask the hiring agency HR representative if you could be considered for the position. If the answer is “yes,” you may be directed to submit an application and/or resume to the agency. You may also be required to take an exam or be scored on your qualifications. If the answer is “no,” thank them and move on.

Employees on notice of permanent layoff may be eligible to claim vacancies which are in their bargaining unit but in other seniority units and in equal/lower job classes. Refer to the employee’s contract/plan for specific claiming provisions. This report lists active requisitions (vacancies which may be available for claiming by eligible employees). Requisitions are sorted by contract or plan, then in descending order of maximum hourly salary of class and compensation code, and finally alphabetically by class title.

COMP CODE indicates the compensation code for the job class of the vacancy. Use this information to identify classes which are equal to or lower than the employee’s current class.

BARGAINING UNIT refers to the vacancy union representative.

JOB CLASSIFICATION TITLE AND OPTION is the job class of the vacancy, and the option indicates the job’s focus and required experience.

LOCATION is the location of the vacancy.

EMPLOYMENT CONDITION indicates the employment condition of the vacancy.

REQ/POSTING # AND TYPE is the requisition number, type indicates any limits on who may apply:

  • Competitive – means “open to the public.”
  • Statewide – means “open to current state employees only.”
  • Agency Promo – means “open to current agency employees only.”

STATUS indicates vacancy was created.

Take note of the date the requisition was created to determine which vacancies are newest to this list. When you contact the hiring agency, be prepared to provide the requisition/posting number, if asked.


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