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Budget Summary and Supporting Documents

Minnesota Management & Budget releases various documents in conjunction with various events, for example the release of a new Economic Forecast or as part of the budget cycle.

May 2013 End of Legislative Session
General Fund Balance Analysis- Detail
General Fund Balance Analysis- Summary
General Fund Pie Chart
General Fund Balance- Financial Summary
Consolidated Fund Statement (PDF)
Consolidated Fund Statement (HTML)
All Funds Pie Chart
Spending 1960 to Present
Health Care Access Fund Statement
Price of Government

Each document is different and related to that specific event. In most years there are five releases of state budget numbers.

These releases are coincident with:

  • November Forecast

  • Governors Budget Recommendations (January or February)

  • February Forecast

  • Revised Governors Budget Recommendations (usually in March)

  • End of Session Estimates (usually in May or June)

When seeking budget information here or elsewhere it is important to understand the budget cycle and which version of the documents you are seeking or reviewing. Explanations of what some of the statements show can be found here.


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