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About the State EAP

The EAP’s mission is to restore, maintain, and strengthen the health and productivity of state employees and state agencies.

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Supervisor's Guide to EAP Referral
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Supervisor's Guide to EAP Referral
When should a supervisor make an EAP referral?
Can a supervisor require an employee to report to EAP?
Support for the supervisor
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Your Minnesota State Employee Assistance Program offers employees professional assistance in assessing their problems and needs. It also provides supervisors an opportunity to discuss difficult employee situations and get support for intervention.

When, and How Should Supervisors Refer Employees to EAP?

We can all use some help during challenging times. The State’s employee assistance program (EAP) is designed to provide that help, regardless of the challenges any employee faces.

Supervisors are in unique positions to identify employees whose work may be affected by personal problems. These concerns can affect employees’ relationships and performance at work as well as at home. The earlier that work problems are addressed, the greater likelihood the employee will get the resources and support they need to work productively.

The State’s EAP provides a range of services that include professional counseling. financial/legal programs, and childcare and eldercare services.


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