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DocumentDirect/InfoPac is a system for viewing and printing reports that are produced by statewide systems such as MAPS and SEMA4. The reports can be viewed and printed through the use of DocumentDirect for Windows (DDW), DocumentDirect for the Internet (DDI) or InfoPac (a character-based mainframe application). Minnesota Management & Budget administers access to the reports produced by MAPS and SEMA4.

  • To access DocumentDirect/InfoPac, a person must have a mainframe (ACF2) logon ID. If a user does not have a mainframe logon ID, see Policy 1101-01, Requesting a Mainframe Logon ID.
  • To request access to DocumentDirect/InfoPac, complete the form Request for Access to DocumentDirect On-line Reports. Enterable Word | PDF.

Available Reports

MAPS Accounting (GFS)
MAPS Procurement (AGPS)

Questions on security and access to the SEMA4- and MAPS-related reports should be emailed to the Minnesota Management & Budget: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

OET e-Reporting information is available through the MN.IT Catalog (username and password needed). Follow the links for "Applications" and "e-Reporting."

  • DocumentDirect for Windows (DDW) requires software to be installed on your PC or LAN, and is available to state agencies without charge through the Office of Enterprise Technology. This is a Windows based viewing module for InfoPac which allows all the functionality of the 3270 viewing product as well as the following functions:
    • Downloading of report pages to an ASCII file
    • Annotations (electronic notes attached to report pages)
    • AFP viewing
    • Scripts
    • Multiple windows
  • DocumentDirect for the Internet (DDI) may be accessed with a web browser.
  • InfoPac Report Distribution System, a character-based mainframe application can be accessed through BlueZone. InfoPac creates reports through statewide applications making them available for viewing on a display terminal.
  • Information on Documentation and training is also available through the MN.IT Catalog.

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