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Essentials of Supervision

ELD is pleased to announce our new Essentials of Supervision series, in partnership with the College of Continuing Education at the University of Minnesota.

For a one page flyer about this program, Click here to view our current flyer.


Public employees face new challenges and opportunities regarding work and supervision, service delivery, and sustainability. Through the courses in this series, current and aspiring supervisors will gain the tools and skills they need to ensure that their work groups are meeting their goals.

You will have opportunities to try your new skills, discuss and receive feedback, and broaden your relationships with other public sector employees. Courses in this series will complement mandatory state supervisory training and provide a sound foundation on which to build unit and agency success.

As a result of completing this series, you should be able to:

  • Successfully make the transition from individual contributor to supervisor
  • Turn groups of individuals with diverse interests and skills into cohesive, high performing teams
  • Delegate in ways that enhance job performance and encourage smooth operations
  • Boost your employees’ and your own resiliency in the face of change to make smoother and more productive transitions
  • Assess the effectiveness of your problem-solving techniques and learn new, more productive approaches
  • Utilize tools and techniques to maximize your employees’ talent
  • Improve your confidence and effectiveness in managing conflict
  • Discover effective ways for processes to be more successful and improve the quality and efficiency of your work unit or department
  • Develop a solid foundation in project management that includes understanding your role, project stages and terminology, and skills expected of a good project manager
  • Improve your writing by practicing helpful strategies for organizing, drafting, editing, and formatting your workplace communications

This series consists of 10 separate day-long courses. Courses may be taken individually and in any order.

For detailed descriptions of each class, click above on the title of the class.

Instructors will use classroom lecture and discussion, interactive exercises, forms and templates, skill-building practice, assessments, and management scenarios so that you leave each course with tools you need to continue your professional development and make a difference in your workplace.

Courses are taught by expert University of Minnesota adjunct instructors who have experience related to public sector management.

This series of courses is designed specifically for public sector employees who are currently in or aspire to move into a supervision role.

You may sign up for the entire series or any of the classes individually.

The cost for the entire series of eleven classes is $3,650. This price reflects a discount of $365 when compared to registering for all classes individually.

Individual classes are $365 per day; the two-day class, “Supervision Basics” is $730.

Classes will be held approximately twice per month, allowing those interested in the series to complete it in six months.

For detailed dates and descriptions of each class, click on the title of the individual class.

Course TitleSeries 6
Supervision Basics (2 days) January 29-30, 2014
Building Teamwork and Commitment (1 day) February 12, 2014
Delegating to Enhance Performance (1 day) February 25, 2014
Leading Through Change (1 day) March 11, 2014
Problem Solving and Decision Making (1 day) March 25, 2014
Managing Performance and Developing Talent (1 day) April 9, 2014
Successfully Dealing With Conflict at Work (1 day) April 22, 2014
Improving Work Processes (1 day) May 7, 2014
Project Management Foundations (1 day) May 15, 2014
Foundations in Business Writing (1 day) June 10, 2014

All sessions will run from 9:00am to 4:00 pm and be held at the Continuing Education and Conference Center on the St. Paul campus at the University of Minnesota.

Click here for a map.

Essentials of Supervision Frequently Asked Questions

Any individual who works at a public sector entity is eligible to participate in either the Supervision or Management programs.

No. These courses are intended to increase the skills of current supervisors and managers, as well as prepare those who aspire to be in these roles.

The choice is up to you. You may take the entire series or take those courses that seem most relevant to you.

Yes. This series will be offered at least twice per year, depending on the demand. If you don’t complete the series or a particular course now, you can take remaining courses in a later session.

With the rate of state employee retirements increasing, we anticipate a higher demand for these skills in state employment over the next several years. You will have 1 year to complete the course by attending a later session.

The cost of the full program is $3,650 for a total of 11 days of training. This price reflects a discount of $365 when compared to registering for all classes individually.

Courses may also be taken individually, at a fee of $365/day; the two-day "Management Essentials and Strategic Planning and Measurement" is $730.

This fee includes all instruction fees, session materials, lunch, and parking. Participants are responsible for any travel and lodging costs. For those enrolled in individual classes your agency will be invoiced after each day of class is completed. For those enrolled in the entire series your agency will be invoiced prior to the first class.

To sign up for any or all of the courses, click on the title of the individual class listed above under Curriculum Overview. This will take you to a page with more detailed information, as well as a link to register.

You may also proceed directly to our registration site at: http://www.mmb.state.mn.us/training-eld

There will be 15-30 people in each class.

All sessions will be held at the Continuing Education and Conference Center on the St. Paul campus at the University of Minnesota.
Click here for a map.
Note: Parking in lot S104 is complimentary; you will be charged a fee if any other lot.

Check-in for class begins at 8:30 a.m. and class sessions run from 9:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.

An email is sent from the TRS when the enrollment is complete (‘E’ status). No email is sent upon initial registration (‘P’ status).

Courses are taught by expert University of Minnesota adjunct instructors who have experience related to public sector supervision.

Contact Kathie Kosharek at kathie.kosharek@state.mn.us or 651-259-3827.

To register
Click on the title above of the class you’d like to attend. At the top of that page, there will be a link to click in order to register.

Questions? Contact Casandra Sims at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 651-259-3640.


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