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Treasury Division

The Elected Office of the State Treasurer was abolished on January 6, 2003 as a result of a Constitutional Amendment that was approved by the voters in the November 1998 General Election. The duties and responsibilities of the former State Treasurer were transferred to the Commissioner of Finance on January 6, 2003 by administrative order.

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Debt Management

The Treasury Division oversees the state's debt management policies and guidelines. The division maintains a debt capacity model that is used to determine th estate's debt capacity and the forecast debt service cost of future capital budgets.

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Minnesota Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund

The 2007 Minnesota Legislature created the Minnesota Manufactured Home Relocation Trust Fund to provide participating manufactured homeowners compensation in the event that all or part of their manufactured home park closes.

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Cash Management

The state maintains depository bank accounts throughout the state. State agencies and deputy registrars deposit payments to the state into these accounts. The Commissioner of Minnesota Management & Budget by statute is responsible for establishing these accounts.

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