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List Description
Access-State Cabinet Level Agency Affirmative Action Officers/Designees
Accounting_Coordinators MAPS Accounting Coordinators List
Agency_Accounting_Coordinator MAPS_AR_Agency Accounting Coordinators List
Agency_Security_Administrators Agency Security Administrators List
Cabinet_Level_Commissioners Cabinet Level Commissioners
Deputy_Commissioners Deputy Commissioners
HR_Business_Continunity HR Business Continunity
HR_Dir-Designees HR Directors and Designees
HR_Dir_Cabinet_Agencies HR Directors - Cabinet Agencies
HRDP Human Resource Directors Partnership
Lr-alertcast_contacts Labor Relations Alertcast Contacts
Lr-desigemprep LR-Designated Employer Representative
LRDir-Labor.Relations Labor Relations Directors List
Lrhr_dir-designee LR HR Dir - Designee
Mailmantest Mailman Test List
Noncabinet_Commissioners Non-cabinet Commissioners
SEMA4_HR SEMA4 Human Resources List
SEMA4_Payroll SEMA4 Payroll List
State-HRall Statewide General HR Staff
State_Legislators State Legislators
Statewide_Recruitment Statewide Recruitment
SWIFT_Data_Warehouse SWIFT Data Warehouse
SWIFT_Newsltr SWIFT Newsletter
TSU A list for TSU Subscribers to Share Information
Workforce-Diversity State Employees in Affirmative Action/ADA/Diversity
Workforcecomm Work Force Diversity Community Orgs

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