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Crystal Software Installation - Version 7.0 Runtime
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Crystal Software Installation
Version 8.5 Install
Version 7.0 Runtime
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Installation Instructions

This installation software will install the Crystal Reports Professional version 7.0 (CRW7) run-time application. It is a 32-bit application and will only run on 32-bit operating systems (specifically Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000/XP).

Current date of the document and information is 12/03/2002.

Before You Begin

Note: This following issue only affects SEMA4 users who are also IA Data Warehouse Compiled Report Users.

There is a known issue with installing the SEMA4 Crystal Compiled Reports on a workstation where the IA Data Warehouse run-time Crystal Reports software is already installed. Different versions of the file called p2sodbc.dll are used by each application.

  • Seagate Crystal Reports Professional, version 7.0 run-time software installs the p2sodbc.dll in the /windows/crystal directory.
  • SEMA4 software will put the p2sodbc.dll needed to run the Compiled Reports in the /sema4/pt759/s4crw directory.

An error message "SQL Error" appears when clicking on any SEMA4 Crystal report shortcut. This happens because the SEMA4 Compiled Reports will try to use the p2sodbc.dll in the /windows/crystal directory.

During the SEMA4 Workstation Installation, our install will copy the p2sodbc.dll from the /windows/crystal directory to the windows/system (Windows 95 and 98) or winnt/system32 (Windows NT/2000/XP) directory. Doing this will allow Seagate Crystal Reports Professional, version 7.0 run-time software to find the dll when it is needed to run reports.

The installation software will rename the p2sodbc.dll in the /windows/crystal directory to p2sodbc.bak. You may choose to delete the dll from this directory, at your discretion.

As a result of this issue, after any subsequent installation of the Seagate Crystal Reports Professional, version 7 run-time software you will need to run the SEMA4 Workstation setup.

Please print this document for reference.

This document contains information about the following topics:

1. Downloading the Installation File
2. Runtime Version Installation
3. Application Support

1. Downloading the Installation File
Follow the instructions to download the CRW7 run-time installation file.

Obtain Application Software via FTP:

1. FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTP to the following Department of Finance FTP site:

A. Host Name: ftp.finance.state.mn.us

B. Host Type: Unix (or Auto Detect)

C. User ID: "Please call Mn-ASSIST Technical Services helpdesk."

D. Password: "Please call Mn-ASSIST Technical Services helpdesk."

E. Download the file cr7_run.exe in a BINARY format to a temporary location within your environment (example: C:\TEMP).

2. Runtime Version Installation
This is a limited software installation of the CRW7 application. This will allow users to run reports already created. No license is required to use this version of the CRW7 application. Note: Crystal Reports Professional Version 8.5 does not offer run-time software.

  • Make sure any other programs (such as anti-virus software, MS Office button bar, etc.) are not running before beginning the installation. Failure to do this may result in files not being properly updated.

1. Double-click on the cr7_run.exe file to begin the software installation.

If the workstation already has Crystal Reports installed, you may get a Seagate Crystal Reports Setup panel with the message "ODBC DLLS are out-of-date. Setup needs updated version of those files. Would you like the setup to update them now?" Click on the Yes button to continue.

If you click on the No button, Setup will not go further and you will see an error message, "Setup is aborted."

2. At the Welcome panel, click on the Next button.

3. On the Installation Options panel, you may choose the installation mode. Click on the Next button to accept the default Typical installation.

  • Typical - Installs the most common options. (This is the recommended mode of installation).
  • Custom - You choose which components to install. You may run this installation at anytime to add components to the user's workstation. The user may find that they need more components then that installed with the Typical installation.

    If you do choose the Custom mode, we recommend accepting the default values for installation.

You may change the installation directory by using the Browse button to choose the correct location or by simply typing into the Installation Directory field.

Note: If the workstation already has Crystal Reports installed, you may get an Seagate Crystal Reports Setup message, "A previous installation of Seagate Crystal Reports has been found in C:\Program Files\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports\. The current installation will update the files in this directory. Do you wish to proceed?"

If you get this message, click on the Yes button in order to continue the installation. Use the No button to go back to the Installation Options panel.

4. At the Choose Program Group, click on the Next button to accept the default as Seagate Crystal Reports Distribution.

To change the name of the Program Group, type directly in the Program Group field.

5. The message "Seagate Crystal Reports Distribution Setup is complete." appears. Click on the OK button to continue.

Application Support
For installation help and technical support please contact the DoF Mn-ASSIST Technical Services Helpdesk at 651-201-8100 option 5. For application/functional support (how to use the application or problems with the application) contact the IA helpdesk at 651-201-8100 option 4.


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