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MAPS Forms
16A.15-16C.05 Violation Form for CFMS Contracts
Account Receivables Write-Off Reporting Form
Annual Federal Cash Flow Request
Annual Spending Plan Certification
Anticipated Transfer of Appropriation (AT)
Appointment / Change of MAPS Security Liaison
Appropriation Balance Forward
Appropriation Entry (AP)
Bank Table
Cash Flow Analysis
Cash Receipts (Accounting View)
Cash Receipts (All Attribute View)
CITA and ACCI Information Request Form
CITA and ACCI Interface Request Form
County Default - Payment Request
Direct Pay Permit
Delegation/Rescission of Authority
Department Head Expense: MAPS Expenditure Information
Exemption Request for Federal Account
Expenditure Correction
Expense Budget Entry (EB)
Expense Report--MAPS Accounting Component--Only for Persons Not on Sema4
Extract Request
FPO - Field Purchase Order - Procurement Component
Fund Request
Gift Acceptance
Interagency Payment (Department of Public Safety)
Intra-Fund Transfers between Programs Memorandum
Invested Treasurers Cash
IWP Interface Request Form
IWP Transmittal
Journal Voucher Entry
Legislative Advisory Commission Request
"Notice to Vendors Selling to Minnesota State Agencies" from the Department of Revenue
P1 Coding Block - Accounting Component
Payment of Sales Tax
Program Code Deletion Request
Purchase Order Changes At Fiscal Year End
Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Refund on Fuel
Request for Access to Document Direct Reports
Request For Basic Access: Minnesota Accounting and Procurement System
Request For Cash Flow Assistance
Request for Clearance: Information Access Warehouse
Request For Encumbrance
Request For Refund of Sales Tax
Response to 1099
Response to Request for Federal Taxpayer Identification
Revenue Budget Entry (RB)
Revenue Source Code (RSRC) Request Form
School District Default - Payment Request
State of Minnesota Payment and Data Practices Information Form
Temporary Appropriation Entry (AP)
Transfer of Appropriation (TA)
Vendor W-9 (PDF)
Vendor W-9 (Word)
Warrant Special Handling Request

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