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Reporting Forms, Instructions, Software
  Link   Pay Equity Software Instructionspdf format | word versionword format
Includes reporting form and calculates tests for compliance and identifies inequities.

The software calculation of the statistical analysis test does NOT apply to jurisdictions with three or fewer male job classes because a larger database is needed to make the statistical analysis valid. See Guidebook below for information about the alternative analysis test for smaller jurisdictions. Smaller jurisdictions should still use the report forms produced by the software when submitting their reports.
  Link   Reporting Instructionspdf format | word versionword format
Line-by-line directions for reports required of all Minnesota local governments
  Link   Guide to Understanding Pay Equity Compliance and Computer Reports pdf format | word versionword format
Explains tests for compliance and how to interpret calculations done by pay equity software.
  Link   State Job Match Job Evaluation Systempdf format
  Link   Request for Reconsideration of Pay Equity Non-Compliancepdf format | word versionword format
  Link   Pay Equity Materials Order Formpdf format

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