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RSS Information

Keep up-to-date with what's happening at Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) through RSS feeds. RSS feeds notify the user of any changes made to certain areas of the website and are identified by the RSS icon RSS Feed on the page that contains the feed.

We currently have three feeds:

Below are instructions for how to subscribe to the feeds which will notify you when something has been added or changed on the page.

Subscribing to an RSS Feed with a Browser

Option 1 - Using Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Browser

1. Click on the RSS Feed icon.
2. You will see "Subscribe to this feed using:" and a pull-down menu. Select Live Bookmarks.
3. This will create a shortcut in Firefox's toolbar.

To view the feed, click on the shortcut in the toolbar. A menu opens to display the latest postings.

Option 2 - Using Internet Explorer 7.0

1. Click on the RSS Feed icon.
2. You will see a brief description of the feed. 3. Beneath this text click on "Subscribe to this feed."
You have now subscribed to the feed.

To view the feed, click on the yellow Favorites star, then on the feed's icon. Click on the preferred feed to view postings.

Subscribing to an RSS Feed with a Feed Reader

Option 1 - Using an RSS Reader

1. Go to the feed that you want to subscribe to.
2. Click on the RSS icon.
3. Copy the URL in the Address bar.
4. Go to your feed reader and paste the URL into the appropriate location.

Suggested Feed Readers:
To read new posts in your RSS reader, simply visit your reader's site. All new postings will show up in your reader.



Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) please upgrade your browser as IE6 does not support all features of this website.

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