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MDH Advancing Health Equity in Minnesota                                                                                                                                             Legislative Report Inquiry Tool

Thank you for agreeing to lead and/or participate in a conversation and inquiry designed to advance health equity in Minnesota. The questions and notes below were developed with a report to the legislature in mind, but may also stimulate additional conversations and/or ideas for directions in advancing health equity.  Each question is followed by a few notes to help generate conversation.

This effort to advance health equity is leading with a conversation about race and racism (and the questions are structured accordingly). However, these conversations do not need to be limited to only those concerns. Examples may be provided from additional populations experiencing health disparities and health inequities, such as rural Minnesota, LGBTQ populations, women, children, persons with disabilities, persons with mental illness, and others.  

You may engage in several conversations and then consolidate that information into one response, or visit the survey link several times to submit information. PLEASE NOTE that not everything submitted via this survey form may be incorporated into the legislative report, but all findings from the survey will be available at a later date.

As MDH staff review and summarize information from the inquiries, they will not connect any individual names or names of organizations to any of the responses.  

Please visit the MDH Advancing Health Equity website at: www.health.state.mn.us/divs/chs/healthequity/index.htm to access a printable version of the inquiry tool. The Conversation Guide includes the questions in this survey, a Q & A sheet, and additional probing questions.

This survey/inquiry tool has five open-ended questions. Please click the "Next" button at the bottom of each page to progress to the next question. Please provide your contact information on the last page of the survey.    

Please submit questions regarding the Advancing Health Equity Initiative or report to: health.equity@state.mn.us

If you have problems accessing this survey, please contact Renee Raduenz at 651-259-3814 or Renee.Raduenz@state.mn.us

Thank you!

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